Add Your Designs To Crypto Clothing Co Store

Add Your Designs To Crypto Clothing Co Store – Spice up your competition giveaways and Engage your community with high quality branded Crypto Merchandise by adding your designs Crypto Clothing Co store

How it works

  • – Design fee payable in fiat or crypto to create your designs, You can choose from the following items and pay a one off design fee $40 per clothing item
  • – this will include a range of colours and sizes per item (example for a T-shirt, Hoodie and cap the total setup cost would be $120)

Add Your Designs To Crypto Clothing Co – What will I receive

  • links to all of your products which can be used in promotion.
  • Bespoke voucher codes for your items to give your community an enhanced 15% discount on your items and 10% on all other items in the store


  • Your Logo and project information will need to be approved prior to going live on the site
  • We have a minimum sales requirement of 2 items per month – if this is not achieved for 3 months in a row your items will be removed from the store.

Check out our collections of T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Hats, Accessories, and Socks.

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