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Rumour: Did VeChain enter in a partnership with fashion label COS?

Source: Akarat Phasura – Shutterstock   VeChain has already entered into a partnership with H&M in 2018. The in-house clothing brand Arket uses VeChainThor blockchain to track products and verify their authenticity. In a recent Ask-Me-Anything session, VeChain CEO Sunny Lu caused wild speculation as VeChain is working with DNV GL on a new “fast fashion brand” project. Does VeChain…

How Technology is Changing the Fashion Industry

How Technology is Changing the Fashion Industry Technology and fashion are commonly perceived as two completely different fields. However, the impact of technology in the fashion world is undeniable. In recent years, we have seen the fashion industry being taken over by several technological innovations. Like all other industries, technology has changed the way today’s fashion businesses operate. The advent…

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